Chula the Fox By Anthony Perry


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"After a surprise attack on a hunting party leaves Chula, a Chickasaw boy living in the Homeland during the turbulent eighteenth century, without his beloved father, Chula finds himself thrust into the challenging world of a Chickasaw warrior. Haunted by his father's restless spirit, Chula looks to his Uncle Lheotubby to help him become a warrior. Despite his youth, he is determined to join the men who seek retaliation, as he vows to avenge his father. Young Chula is soon faced with the difficulties and confusions of warfare and manhood. Is he destined for the path of the warrior? Or does a different future await him?" - Chula the Fox is a middle grade historical novel, steeped in Chickasaw language and culture and set in our tribe's Homeland, near present-day Mississippi. It tells an honest and often frank story about Chickasaw lives and the challenges our Native American ancestors faced during the early eighteenth century.-Author